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The program will cover a range of interest areas in traffic and transport psychology including: Enforcement and Behaviour; Sustainable Transport; Road User Attitudes and Behaviour; Driver Distraction and Inattention; Impaired Driving (e.g. Alcohol, Other Drugs and Fatigue) and Driver Stress; Vulnerable Road Users (e.g. Motorcyclists, Pedestrians, Cyclists); Young/Older Drivers; Post-Crash Care and Rehabilitation; Intelligent Transport Systems; Sustainable Transport; Driver Training; Assessment and Licensing; Mobility Across the Lifespan; Road Infrastructure and Design; Public and Commercial Transport; Translating Theory into Action; Progress in the Decade of Action on Road Safety; Road Safety Education and Marketing; Road Safety in a Global Perspective; Data / Research Methods; and Other Transport Modes (e.g. aviation, railway, water craft).  The exhibition is similarly open to industry and organisations in these relevant fields.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to demonstrate your leadership in the traffic and transport psychology field, and support for road trauma reductions, by partnering with ICTTP2016.  Sponsoring or exhibiting at the conference will provide an excellent opportunity to promote your organisation, support your brand(s) and to maintain a high profile within the industry before, during and after the event.

Even more opportunities now available

In addition to our originally advertised sponsorship levels, we’ve added new branding opportunities including:

  • Exclusive Coffee Cart Sponsorship @ AUD$10,000
  • Exclusive Mobile Phone Charging Station Sponsorship @ AUD$4,500
  • Exclusive Bottled Water Sponsorship @ AUD$4,000
  • Exclusive USB Sponsorship @ AUD$2,500
  • Supporter level @ AUD$2,500

Opportunities at a glance

Sponsorship Type

 Cost in AUD$ inc GST

Platinum Sponsor

  • Naming rights to the Conference Dinner  SOLD

Gold Sponsor

  • Naming rights to the Conference Welcome Reception
Silver Sponsor – includes choice of:

  • Naming rights to the Conference namebadges; SOLD
  • Naming rights to a Conference Scientific Session; or
  • Naming rights to a Conference Lunch.
  • Naming rights to the Conference Coffee Cart
Bronze Sponsor – includes choice of:

  • Naming rights to the Conference Satchels; SOLD
  • Naming rights to a Conference Coffee Break; or
  • Naming rights to the Conference Poster Boards.
Exhibitor  $3,750
Mobile Phone Charging Station Sponsor  $4,500
Bottled Water Sponsor  $4,000
USB Sponsor SOLD  $2,500
Supporter  $2,500
Notepad/Pen Sponsor SOLD  $1,500
Handbook advertisement – full page mono  $890
Handbook advertisement – half page mono  $550
Satchel insert  $550


Consider sponsorship today!  To view the sponsorship prospectus for ICTTP 2016 and be quick to confirm your involvement. Early confirmation will ensure the highest level of exposure.  For more information, please contact Claire Vaz, Event Manager, QUT Conferences by emailing