Qld CoA Stylised 2LS monoThe Queensland Government is committed to working with the community to reduce road trauma on Queensland roads. The agencies with key responsibility for road safety in Queensland are the Department of Transport and Main Roads and the Queensland Police Service.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads plans, manages and delivers Queensland’s integrated transport system to achieve sustainable transport solutions for road, rail, air and sea. The department has a wide range of responsibilities. In road transport, the Department leads efforts in planning, designing, enhancing, maintaining and operating the state-controlled road network and provides support and leadership to local government in these functions. It does this with a specific focus on road safety, but also with a view to providing efficient, reliable and sustainable travel. It also provides road safety initiatives and educational tools to our community to improve safety on our roads.

The Queensland Police Service is committed to making the community safer by reducing road trauma through coordinated and proactive targeting of behaviours and places that research and intelligence demonstrate pose a risk to road users. A mixture of covert and overt, planned and structured random enforcement activities are utilised to influence road user’s perceived and actual risk of detection. QPS aims to prevent and detect various forms of risky behaviour including speeding, red light offences, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, driver distraction, driving while fatigued and not wearing seatbelts through road safety initiatives and enforcement activities, including tougher vehicle impoundment laws, roadside drug and drink driving detection, new technologies, congestion and speed management, and media campaigns.



QUT_Logo_Standard_CMYKQueensland University of Technology (QUT) is highly successful Australian university with an applied emphasis in courses and research. While based in Brisbane, Queensland, they have a global outlook.

With some 45,000 students, including 6,000 from overseas, and an annual budget of more than $800 million, QUT is positioned to grow and develop as one of Australia's leading universities.

QUT undertakes high-impact research in selected areas with a view to achieve significant public, commercial and practical benefit for the community and for our partners.

Research is by its very nature global and today's challenges require input from multi-disciplinary teams within Australia and beyond. One of our key ambitions is to expand internationalisation of research including engagement with global research centres. We have strong links with a number of international organisations and research institutions.



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The Vienna Test System is the international standard for psychometric assessment of fitness to drive. The tests cover aspects such as cognitive, psychomotor, behavioural and personality specific abilities. All tests are traffic psychology validated.

They can be used as part of the selection process and also to identify the training needs of experienced professional drivers. In more than 16 countries tests from SCHUHFRIED are officially authorised for assessment of fitness to drive in a statutory context. More than 1,350 Vienna Test Systems are currently in use by driving assessment agencies worldwide. SCHUHFRIED also provides products for cognitive training and biofeedback.




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